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The Wellness Way of Life with Tif Pate


Tif Pate, entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast, joins us to speak about holistic wellness and what a wellness business looks like. Tune in as she talks about making health a top priority and how to create a business around your value system.

Show Notes:


  • Introduction of guest Tif Pate
  • The power of wellness and effects on life
  • Fitness mental blocks and how to get past them
  • The future of biohealth
  • Customizing biohealth
  • How to train your body according to your needs
  • The effects of food and medications on how your DNA is expressed
  • How taking care of ourselves affects the world around us
  • Insecurities and how they control us
  • Workout recovery gems that help
  • Striving for life-work balance
  • How to schedule everything around your workout
  • The most important appointment you should keep
  • How to ensure a successful business
  • Why knowing your value system is important when creating a business


3 Key Points:

  1. The power of holistic wellness in our lives and why it is important.
  2. The journey from unhealthy to healthy is a process.
  3. How to balance your life and always fit your 30 minutes of exercise into your day.


Tweetable Quotes:

–       “It is all a journey—for thicker or thinner” – Tif Pate.

–       “I am here to help, inspire, and change people’s lives for the better” – Tif Pate.
–       “If you are going to do business, it needs to be something that is in line with your value system” – Tif Pate.


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