The Importance of Sharing Your Gift with the World

If there is one identifying factor that makes each and every single human being on this planet unique, it’s the ability to express their own personal gifts and creative talents. No matter how small the gift or talent might seem to be, we each have something special to share that sets us apart from anyone else. Although many of us share similar gifts and talents, we each have our own way of expressing and using our abilities which oftentimes serves as inspiration, motivation, empowerment, or encouragement for others. Sharing your gift is a way to give back to the world not because you have to but because it gives others an opportunity to learn, grow and advance in ways they have yet to experience.

Throughout history, we hear about all types of people from very diverse backgrounds who have shared their gifts and talents to later become well recognized for their contribution. Not that recognization should be your primary motive for sharing your gifts but public recognition and appreciation from others can happen. From novice writers who have found their calling in writing books or poems, to talented athletes who have competed and pushed performance boundaries in their sport as well as prominent chefs who have shared their recipes, when these talents are shared we give others an opportunity to experience our gift.

What you offer in the world can be motivation, inspiration, and encouragement for others. Whatever motivation or call to action they receive from experiencing your gift is confirmation that you’re also using your gift in the way it was meant to be used. Gifts are meant to be shared. Again, you’re not seeking appreciation or validation for what you share, your only job is to share it. And those people who need to experience your gift are the ones who will experience it but no one can benefit from it if you’re not willing to offer it.

Also, when we keep our gifts to ourselves we end up diminishing our creativity because we’re not putting anything out in order to receive the new creative energy. Stifling the creative energy often leads to bouts of dissatisfaction and frustration in our lives. We end up with a surplus of drawings and crafts and other skills that never see potential. Many of us have a tendency to discredit ourselves when it comes to our gifts. We agree with the inner critic who often taunts us with the internal noise of doubt, unworthiness, indecision, and fear but those are common hangups that keep us from advancing our talents to the next level.

Sharing your gift also provides knowledge for others. So in sharing, we help others navigate their journey. This is why it’s also important for us to move beyond whatever doubt or fear we may experience when we’re debating whether we’re talented enough or good enough to share our artwork with an online community or speak our ideas at an event supporting movements we’re passionate about. By choosing to put ourselves out there and realizing that our gifts are meant to be shared we eventually move beyond the fear of caring too much about being judged and criticized. More importantly, we give others an opportunity to experience what it’s like to share in those gifts which can encourage them to do the same.

Here are 3 ways you can start sharing your gift with the world.

I. Create a Space Online

You could start by creating a blog, podcast, or Youtube channel that focuses on a topic or subject matter that lights you up. Anything outlet in which you can express your ideas through your talent is a good place to start when sharing your gift.

II. Try Volunteering

Check out organizations in your area that are involved in events or discussions that allow you to contribute your gift in some way. This could be through a speaker organization that can help you cultivate your talent or an animal shelter that allows you to work within their organization because you have the ability to connect with animals.

III. Start Performing

Whether it’s a speaking engagement or open mic comedy night, putting yourself out there through action is a great way to share your gifts. Consider performing. Even if you’re hesitant about getting on stage do it in fear knowing that you’ll get better and better over time. At the end of the day, your goal is to stop sitting on your gifts and start giving them.

When we have something – a talent or gift – that gives us an endless flow of creativity, sense of peace, freedom, or empowerment, it serves as a clear sign that others could benefit from it too. When we make the decision to share, we support the potential for the endless opportunities our gift affords others.

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