Recognizing the Power of Intuition

I’m sure many of us have heard the phrases “intuitive nudge” or “intuitive insight.” While those phrases refer to the same thing and are fairly common, many of us have yet to fully interpret their importance in order to understand the power that lies within the intuition. Some refer to it as the still small voice while others describe it as the sense of knowing what decision it is they should make it certain situations. But oftentimes, we disregard those feelings, sensations and inner knowings in order to please ourselves — thank your ego —  which ultimately leaves us reflecting on our choices with thoughts like, “something told me I should/should not have done…” Those reflections pinpoint that your intuition was indeed at work but you choose to go against its advice.

As mentioned above, maybe the use of the intuitive faculty has been ignored but to the extent that you fail to recognize its messages? Repeating this type of behavior will eventually cause the inner voice to become quieter and quieter until you won’t be able to recognize it if it was trying to get your attention. But the bright side is that intuition is always there but we have to be fully aware of its ability to guide us in the right direction in order to see the true benefits of it. Until you’re able to recognize and trust your intuition which is your custom, built-in guidance system, you stop short of harnessing the potential it can have in your life.

So, what are some ways you can recognize the power of your intuition? Below are 3 ways that pinpoint the fact that your intuition is trying to give you information. When you receive this type of insight, it’s important that you use it to your advantage.

1. Recurring thoughts.
It’s more than a notion. When you’re going about your day and start receiving thoughts – for the sake of this article let’s say for example thoughts relating to a decision you need to make. Maybe you’ve been bouncing back and forth on what you should do but you continue to receive information about the decision. Most of the time, these thoughts you receive will be the same thought over and over and it will indicate what you need to. Whether you act on the decision right away or wait until a later time the information will be the same.  

2. Strong feeling from within. It’s usually through our emotions that the intuition can provide clues on things we may be unsure about. It’s a bit different from fear – even though fear is an emotion –  because your intuition is not rooted in fear and it doesn’t speak to you in a fearful manner. What it does is speak to you with clarity and definiteness. The strong sensations you feel within the body are alerting you that something important is going on. That urge from within is powerful and its temporarily disrupting you so that you can take a look at it and make an intuitive based decision instead of the wrong one.

3. Knowing without explanation. Sometimes we can know things because we just know. It doesn’t take a thorough explanation but just like the reference above relating to the strong feeling from within, sometimes insight comes to us so quickly we don’t need to question it, we just know. And that type of certainty doesn’t need logic, especially when there are no doubts interfering with the insight you’ve received. You just know from within that it’s something you can trust.

Intuitive guidance can be the determining factor between making a good decision or a bad one. When will listen to the logical mind, we approach things in a way that’s typical and practical based upon what we ourselves or someone else has experience in a similar situation. But when we rely on the guidance that our inner self is giving us, we can rest assured that we will reap the benefits of following in full faith.

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