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Premium Fronto Leaf Brand Announces New Products

HOUSTON, TX – MAY 12, 2021 — Hot Skull has announced two new products to its premium Fronto Leaf brand. Launched in 2013 by Andrew James, Hot Skull is excited to offer its customers a new variety of naturally cured, hand-selected products.

hot skull fronto leaf

In April, Hot Skull debuted its Hot Skull Grab-A Blend (pre-crushed tobacco) product. The Canna Roll Puff Cone, the brand’s first non-tobacco product on the market will be available in May.

Based in Las Vegas, Hot Skull’s premium line of 100% all-natural products is free from chemicals and additives and contains a lower-strength nicotine level. Manufactured and imported from the Dominican Republic the brand’s debut products; The Hot Skull Whole Leaf and The Hot Skull Wraps have become widely popular since hitting the marketplace. Now, with the release of two additional products purchasers have more options.

The Hot Skull Grab-A-Blend has received great feedback. Grab-A-Blend was highly anticipated among customers and allows them to use as much or as little tobacco as they want. The Canna Roll Puff Cone is the perfect alternative for customers who are looking to transition from tobacco to non-tobacco use; A great option that delivers almost the same characteristic as the tobacco leaf.

Hot Skull prides itself on sourcing the best quality Fronto Leaf to ensure its customers a unique and one-of-a-kind experience. Fronto Leaf is an air-cured tobacco leaf known for its dark color and flavorful aroma. While there are many variations of Fronto, the leaves are commonly used as a cigar leaf wrapper or as a binder.

Hot Skull’s full leaf products allow customers to modify its form for specific use. The brand offers tobacco leaves and all-natural cigar tips. Products are now available in select stores across the US and through wholesale on

Hot Skull will be exhibiting all four of its premium products at the Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE) International Trade Show and Convention. TPE21 will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center on May 12th-14th, 2021 for 3 days of in-person business and networking. The event is slated to be one of the largest conventions in Las Vegas since March 2020 due to Covid. For more information on Hot Skull and where to purchase products visit Instagram or

About Hot Skull Inc

Launched in 2013 in Queens, New York by entrepreneur Andrew James, Hot Skull was created through his vision to share a culture and lifestyle with the world. Exclusively farmed and imported from the Dominican Republic, the premium, chemical-free Fronto Leaf brand is known for its fresh, aromatic flavored full-leaf tobacco products, and low-strength nicotine level. Hot Skull offers a variety of products including Fronto tobacco leaves, rolling papers, and all-natural cigar tips.

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