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Epi 63: Gemma Lang of iSocialCircle drops by to discuss her social networking community

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Today on SOB, Gemma Lang, Founder and Creator of iSocialCircle tells us how she created a company with the goal of connecting travelers around the world to distill loneliness.

Epi 62: The Power of your Ideas with Flash Delivery’s Tatiana Grant


This week we chat with Tatiana Grant of Detroit-based businesses Infused PR and Flash Delivery. Tatiana describes the work and energy necessary to become an entrepreneur in both the PR and delivery application worlds.

Epi 61: Lifestyle Design with Hipster Investments Founder Ali Boone

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We are kicking off 2019 with Ali Boone – Founder and CEO of Hipster Investments, a boutique real estate referral agency with a focus on turn-key properties.

The Value of Connection with Marketing Extraordinaire Michelle Ngome

We speak with speaker, author, and marketing consultant Michelle Ngome – Founder and CEO of Line 25 Consulting. We talk about how she got her start in marketing,

Education, Scholarships & Opportunity with Minorities to Majorities CEO Jasmine Chigbu

In episode 58 Keetria talks with Jasmine Chigbu, CEO and Founder of Minorities to Majorities. Jasmine┬┤s goal is to make higher education more accessible to minorities.

The Business of Radio with “Live @” host Cha Cha Mystique

In episode 57 Keetria talks with guest, Cha Cha Mystique, ┬áHost of the radio show “Live @…” at DAMATRIX studios.

Dream Big, The Universe is Listening with Ilona Selke


In episode 56 we hear from guest, Ilona Selke, the CEO of Living from Vision and Author of Dream Big the Universe is Listening.

Defying Impossible & Achieving Success with Dr. Venus, The Millionaire Mentor


In episode 55 we hear from Dr. Venus Opal Reese the CEO of Defy Impossible and Author of The Black Woman Millionaire: A Revolutionary Act that Defies Impossible.

Stop Holding on to your Ideas and Start Where you Are Now!

When it comes to reaching goals you have to start with steps. The first step to completing a puzzle begins with dumping the pieces from the box –

Building a Foundation for Success with GTEX Co-founder Simone Vincenzi

In episode 54, Keetria talks with Simone Vincenzi, Co-Founder of GTEX. Simone is a High-Converting, Entertaining Trainer and Speaker. He works with businesses as a coach to help them grow and develop.