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Epi 69: Self-care and a Healthy Mindset with Suprena Hickman, RN


In episode 69 we hear from guest Suprena Hickman, a registered nurse and the founder and CEO of SHE (Suprena Hickman Enterprises) where she serves as a consultant and certified integrative health coach.

Epi 68: Making Musical Magic with Hassan Shareef of Black Magic Studios NYC

Today on SOB, Hassan Shareef, the Founder, CEO, and producer at Black Magic Studios NYC based in New York City,

Epi 67: Improving Lives with Tim Simpson aka “Tim the Motivator”

Today on SOB, Tim Simpson, known as Tim the Motivator, speaks about his experience as a serial entrepreneur who has owned multiple businesses and taught others to do the same.

How Hot Money Studios Helps Emerging Artists Achieve Success

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This week I caught up with UK-based Hot Money Studios founder Patrick Osei. An accomplished producer and sound engineer,

Epi 66: The Wonderful World of Cryptocurrency with Emilie Jerard

In this episode I had the privilege of speaking with CryptoTalk Podcast host Emilie Jerard. Tune in as she talks about her career paths in medicine,

How to Use Setbacks to Get Ahead in Business and Life

We all run into setbacks, challenges, and obstacles in business and in life. In the midst of being busy and working through our planned activities,

Epi 65: The Secret to Securing the big deals with Dr. Pelè of Big Ticket Clients

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Today on SOB, marketing consultant, author, and musician Dr. Pelè joins us to discuss his strategies for reaching and maintaining relationships with ‘big ticket clients’.

Epi 64: The Business of Sneakers with Foamer aka Mr. Foamer Simpson

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Today on SOB, Mike “Foamer” Simpson, Founder and Creator of Mr. Foamer Simpson YouTube channel, tells us how he and his brother,

Epi 63: Gemma Lang of iSocialCircle drops by to discuss her social networking community

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Today on SOB, Gemma Lang, Founder and Creator of iSocialCircle tells us how she created a company with the goal of connecting travelers around the world to distill loneliness.

Epi 62: The Power of your Ideas with Flash Delivery’s Tatiana Grant


This week we chat with Tatiana Grant of Detroit-based businesses Infused PR and Flash Delivery. Tatiana describes the work and energy necessary to become an entrepreneur in both the PR and delivery application worlds.