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Productivity App Spotlight: Prismatic


We all know that news apps are very common, and frankly, not all are worth much. BetaKit calls it “A cross between a daily summary tool and a traditional aggregator”;

Pinterest For Entrepreneurs + Start-Ups; Reaping the Rewards of The Hot Social Media Platform


As things go in the current climate, it is truer than ever that you really have to see the glass half full.

Ultra-Productive Bookmarking App: Pocket


Pocket was called by Cnet a great bookmarking tool that the website also ranked with 5 stars.

Great Productivity App: Evernote

evernote-logoevernote-logoEvernote is perfect for marketers, managers, realtors, and producers. This application gives you the opportunity to have things like to do lists,

Email Marketing Newsletters; Fine Tuning Elements of a Necessary Outreach Tool


There is a lot to be said for the Email marketing newsletter, and a lot of fables that surround its existence.

Amusement Park Season 2013: A To-Do List of America’s Biggest & Baddest Thrill Offerings

This year the positive news that amusement park attendance is up is music to many different sets of ears. A true roller coaster junkie will wait all year sometimes to travel to these places,

Prepping your Business for Podcasting + Whole Foods’ Success on the Internet Air Waves


Whole Foods enjoys growth after podcasting

Four years ago, Austin Texas based Whole Foods was eager to tap into the podcasting arena to reach listeners on the internet,

Building a Killer Lifestyle Brand Following Without Breaking the Bank; Every Entrepreneur’s Dream


Once you’ve discovered the potential of your brand, perhaps patented, or built; your optimal dream would be to have a following begging for what you have concocted.

The Highlights of Mobile Application Marketing


Mobile App Overview

Of consumers 18 and older, 85 million of them visited an app on their Smartphone related to retail sales during the month of July 2012.