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Epi 77: Suffering In Silence: The Truth About Depression with Kenyon Glover – Pt.1

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Ex-NBA player, entrepreneur, actor & producer Kenyon Glover talks about his battle with depression and how he’s been able to manage it.

Epi 76: Making the Most of your Relationship with Food & Fitness with Kerry Walsh

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In this episode we visit with Kerry Walsh of Fitness4U and Diet Terminator to discuss the importance of having a healthy relationship with food and incorporating fitness into our daily lives.

The Importance of Mind, Body & Spirit: An Interview with Coach Angela Lee

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In our latest interview, Metamorphosis life & business Coach Angela Lee joins us to discuss the importance of renewing our mind,

Courage Is A Muscle – Ch 2: “Protect Your Dreams”

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When things don’t go as planned – and it happens all the time – I think about the countless attempts I made to start writing a book.

Courage Is A Muscle – Ch 1, Part 2: “Change Takes Time”

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It’s not enough to simply
drop old habits: you have to replace them with something. That something is a
new frame of mind,

Epi 75: Stewarding What You Have for a Happily Better After with Brittanie Thomas

Brittanie Thomas is the founder of Happily Better After, a wellness networking collaborative. Brittanie shares some resources and tips as well as what she’s doing in her personal journey and talks to your host Keetria about how to move forward with your career pursuit.

Courage Is A Muscle – Ch 1: “Go” Is The Scariest Word In The Entrepreneurial Lexicon

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Our minds possess a mechanism that functions like a central control station, tasked with overseeing the entire body, but its primary duty is to trigger action within us.

The Introduction – Part 3 “Courage Is A Muscle: Embrace Uncertainty”

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Here’s my first tip: uncertainty is
part of the growing and learning process. Courage, on the other hand, is the
quality of facing such uncertainty and finding the strength to continue.

Epi 74: Explode Your Expert Business with Simone Vincenzi

Simone Vincenzi is the owner of three companies which do training and investing and they have just acquired their first company.

Epi 73: Content Marketing with Madeleine Lambert from Content Refined


Today on SOB, Madeleine Lambert, the Co-founder and CEO of Content Refined, a content marketing agency located in Collingwood,