3 Tips for Moving Beyond Self-Limiting Beliefs

During my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve learned several lessons, sometimes twice, about the importance of overcoming self-limiting beliefs. It’s easy to forget the personal growth and small victories obtained along the way. We don’t give ourselves credit for being enough.

“We don’t we celebrate our talents and abilities as we should not realizing that if we did, we’re bound to access our true potential.”

Failed attempts at reaching a goal or overcoming an obstacle can be discouraging. What’s important is that you don’t lose sight of your vision and to keep making forward progress. It’s easier said than done — this is why you have to make the conscious decision to move your mind beyond any doubts or any self-limiting beliefs you hold about yourself.

Moving Beyond Self-Limiting Beliefs takes desire, commitment, and practice. In this Morning Minutes chat, I go over three tips for moving beyond self-limiting beliefs that often lead to self-sabotage and defeat. 

  1. Cut the Negative Dialogue – Be mindful of the things you say about yourself – to yourself and others, watch your thoughts, and closely monitor your words. Words create reality. The words we use can very well be the primary source of personal defeat. 

2. Say NO to Negative People – We don’t have to look hard to find someone full of negativity. We may have close family members or friends who have a natural tendency to bring the room down with their negative energy — make it a habit of staying away from those types of people. Plain and simple.

3. Try Something New – Venturing into new territory puts us in a different state of mind; We are forced out of our comfort zones and eventually break the monotonous cycle of routine habits. 

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