I launched Style of Business LLC in 2017 to work directly works within the small business, start-up, and entrepreneurial communities to provide a selection of consulting services including publicity & communications planning and brand strategy & development.

Brand Strategy
Creating and developing the vision of your brand can be an intimidating task. Working to construct a central theme that defines your business and its products or services takes careful planning. What message does your brand convey? What are the short-term and long-term objectives? How do you want consumers to feel about your brand? Where does your brand stand in competitive environments? Let’s work together to create a viable, well-defined plan.

Communications Planning
Getting the right message to the right audience starts with communication. Who is the audience you intend to reach? What exactly do you want to communicate? How will you reach them? What is the vision behind your message? Developing a thorough plan that outlines your PR goals, objectives, and the audience will not only help create your brand’s voice but also builds brand awareness.