Buzz Building in The Digital Realm

by Keetria on May 25, 2012

The power of the internet has undoubtedly created a platform for those who would not have one otherwise. Buzz building online should be a simplistic method that implements several viral marketing strategies and the use of publicity.

Both of which can be created in-house by any company or individual with the patience to take advantage of them. Doesn’t take a lot of money or the brains of Einstein; effort and consistency goes a long way, in addition to the following tidbits of information:

– Generate some news about your company/business by creating a press release and distribute to relevant online media or press distribution services

– Utilize social networks for engage new and existing audience/customers by asking for their feedback, thoughts and ideas

– Give away something/show appreciation, whether if be a shout out to a customer, information or free product

– Don’t get comfortable

– Network with those in your industry, many may see it as working with the enemy (competitor) – lay those fears aside, there’s enough moola to go around. you can learn a thing or two from someone else anyway

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