Omm Spain’s Vibrant Wine scene: Best Wine bars in Barcelona

Spoken about as one of the hippest and most stunning places in Europe, Barcelona is city of surprises, Sun, and simply beautiful memories. This collection of the best wine bars in the city gives a peek into The Banker’s Bar, Monvinic, La Vinva Del Senor, El Xampanyet, and more great spots to sample wine in Barcelona. There’s nothing quite like a stroll after a few fine wines in a city that sparkles with a different vibe than Paris, yet a romantic essence like Venice. This quick collection of wine bars lets you see a few great interior shots of a city that many have fallen in love with upon first sight. There are wines here like Agusti Torello, Mas La Plana, and Absis to complement just about any divine evening you could plan. The sixth most populated city in the EU is one unbelievable destination, and complementing it with a stop in some of these bars would absolutely rule.

LumenProjector 300x300 Marketer’s Slice of Hand held Heaven: the Lumen Pocket Projector
This is one gadget
that takes up so little space in carry on you won’t even know it’s there; but when you pull it out in the conference room to project your pitch, you sure will. It connects to smartphones, tablets, video players and cameras, and has input options for 1080p and 1080i, making it a high def powerhouse. You have the ability to project very digitally sharp images on up to 80” diagonal screens, and really wow the audience. Years ago when the device itself to project was so much larger, it started many potentially great product demos on the wrong foot, and this professional gadget will wow any client or provide great entertainment for you while on the road.

refleecesleeve 300x191 Hot Eco Gadgets 2014: Refleece iPad sleeve

This eco friendly fleece can turn the backpack or purse into a warm and cozy nook for an Ipad, and is the best thing we have seen to protect from scratches and dents to the surface. This company was started by a husband and wife team that is committed to sustainable practice and construction, with prowess in the surf realm as well. Heavily educated between the two from Stanford, Harvard, and Yale, they have both explored the nonprofit realm and also have experience in sustainable gardening. This is one brand that is truly created by a duo of genius minds, and deserves a close look by any discerning individual with a portable device

Launched in 2005, this web hub full of the best in made from scratch goods is derived from the Latin word “and if”, or also Italian for “oh yes”. Almost two years later, the site passed $1.7 million in sales and during the month of November, buyers purchased over 300,000 items on the site and spent around $4.3 million in the process. In January 2008, they received some additional funding and really put the user friendly and lovable craft site in full motion. Users really like the fact that there is a “shop local” tool, refining what they are looking for to help a creative mind right in their area. The “people search” function also improved the way that users connect one on one, and many people launched side businesses that they always wanted to launch, with the help of this sleek portal connecting those who create and people seeking quality goods. Here are some of the coolest things that really caught our eye this week on Etsy.

1. Grass Green Knit hat

SandyCoastal Etsy Top 5 Etsy Finds for the Week Made from lamb wool and acrylic yarn, this piece from Sandy Coastal Designs is one of the coolest we’ve seen in awhile. With a nice flower on the side and completely custom made, it really pulls off the Christmas in July theme or is simply perfect for a coffee shop visit or walk through your favorite bustling hub. Fully Indie, slightly post-grunge, and absolutely a wonderful fruit of labor, we definitely have our eye on this seller from now on for killer headgear and much more.

2. Green Bamboo Raglan Top T Shirt

SceneryLondon 225x300 Top 5 Etsy Finds for the Week A great organic print that is almost reminiscent of Southeast Asia and an eco friendly choice, this shirt (Scenery London) is screen printed by hand in a London studio. Made of 70% bamboo viscose and 30% organic cotton, the calming green vibe will envelope you quickly. This supplier Continental Clothing ships from the UK and has great user reviews. The seller always seems to have prompt delivery, and while waiting for the goods this cool, that’s what you’ll want! A simple design that would be fun to blend in to any setting with.

3. Blue Everyday Cowl Neckline Dress

il 570xN.545767821 2jox Top 5 Etsy Finds for the Week When looking through dresses, there were so many great finds it was harder than ever to pick one to spotlight. After looking through tons of beautiful samples, we found this one that would be great to rock with the boots shown. Excellent for a first week impression at the office or a day of art/design hustle in the city, it really has its own flavor through and through. Just a little retro/Pan Am looking, reviewers say that the fabric, feel, and look is awesome and the craftsmanship is incredible.

4. Crystal Geometric Necklace and Earrings

il 570xN.568216346 2b32 Top 5 Etsy Finds for the Week The jewelry category of Etsy is full of great pieces that you could browse for countless hours! Every seller really has their own style and quirky knack for creating something fresh and stunning. This set form Bellesto Jewelry really caught our eye because of the super cool variation in size, color and placement of the squares. You can find anything on Etsy from wedding jewelry to chic fashion and personal pieces, and this set made from Rhinestone and Zinc Alloy is unique and ready to add to your collection of fun and trendy accessory options.

5. Carved Candle Gift

il 570xN.376700864 l9jb Top 5 Etsy Finds for the Week Some of the best things in the candle area were Mason jar candles, amazingly sculpted wax pieces, and super artisan looking tea light holders. This one really stood out with its color scheme, very different shape, and almost psychedelic appearance. 80 hours of burning time, excellent visual artist appeal, and a nod to the Baroque time period all give this one a special vibe and look. With so many choices in all of Etsy’s pages, this candle stood out in many wasy as a step above many of these intricate and beautiful crafts.

Alpha2 duffel Exquisite Carry on Luggage Experience: the Alpha 2 by Tumi This large wheeled split duffel is absolutely a product of this high end brand’s commitment to making the best better. This brand features complimentary monogramming, an immaculately sleek appearance, and superior craftsmanship. The damage proof handle system, stellar custom design and accessible shape appeal to any traveler. Whether it’s the beach, slopes, or business jaunt to the next city over, the Alpha 2 is one fine choice for the taking. It’s always nice to know you’ll arrive with your goods intact and looking top notch to boot.

mojitolimeade bobbyflay Summer Drink Mix for perfect sunny weekends: Mojito Limeade
White rum, Lime mint syrup, and mint leaves are among the fine ingredients for this cocktail cooler that will get you thinking about sand in your toes, and your friends you haven’t seen for too long. Amusement park trips, long lost catching up, and days in which the sun doesn’t set until very late are the best memories of the season we all love. The Mojito has been rising in popularity all over as of late, and the Cuban kick of the booze with the rum based highball taste stays in your palate’s memory for a good long while. Why let the best season of the year end without a little lime and mint refreshing fun?

tumi adapter The Globe Trotting Traveler’s Business musts: Tumi Ultra Slim Adapter Kit

The ten adapter tips that come with this little entourage are what really pack a punch. When you are on the go in Singapore, New York, Hong Kong or Athens, the 120v AC adapter with the air connector cable will keep all your accessories purring and ready. The real selling point in this kit is all of the tips included, so you aren’t without anything you need to get through your haul through the time zones. There’s nothing quite like reaching your destination and being drained or on empty, and this array of prongs and prolific electronic juice will prevent you from the chronic “arrival without enough charge” meltdown.

our moment Award winning Summer Fragrance: One Directions Our Moment

From one of the world’s most popular bands, One Direction’s Our Moment is a very fruity fragrance that has been embraced by thousands and in a very high demand. Red Currant, forest grapefruits, and a base note of Patchouli envelope this favorite for the best and laziest season of all: the summer. Spending an afternoon by the lake or lying in the grass with a book is one very great thing, but slipping into something strapless and preparing for unknown encounters and dazzling stars in the sky is another; and bound to be fulfilling. There’s most definitely a reason why summer is the season that everyone truly waits for.

Start Line Stop Hesitating, 5 Reasons why you should Start your Company Today!If you have ever had a dream to start your own business, it can really eat at you and your current career life. This is a good thing, because all the daydreaming about being your own boss and doing things your own way will solidify your transition to entrepreneur. What a lot of people don’t realize about being your own boss is that it could absolutely be more time consuming than the 9 to 5 work life, and not as stable, especially in the beginning. We know that there are so many reasons why people do hesitate to start your dream company, and it is understandable. You may feel as if your idea has already been done, or if you are an artist, that of course you may just “not be good enough to cut it”. These fears could always influence you, but every month in America, millions of people go through some type of job loss or change. One of the best things about starting your own company is that even though there will be plenty of change there as well, at least you own it, and it will be your entity. Getting downsized is a bummer, and as long as you can sustain some life into a product line, you may embark on your most exciting journey ever. Here are some great reasons to start a company and put your idea in motion today!

Freedom and its perks

Truly having time to spare is one thing that has been valued by many more than ever lately. Once you have a few talented individuals working for you and they can contact you when they need to, becoming the CFO is really what most end up doing. If you are superb at your craft, you’ll be able to monitor the financials and get free time at some point. On some days you will experience complete overload, but once you have a system in place for the usual inquiries, getting product out efficiently and keeping customers around with social media, you may not feel as hurried or burdened as an hourly worker for another corporation.

Eventually having more

Even though fear is still rampant and you may not hit the jackpot right away, if you do create something, own property, and offer goods or services, you could eventually have more. Even with the other layers of support you’ll need to create something epic, drop ship businesses, people who sell collector’s items, and personal coaches are doing very well. There really are great monetary rewards after you’ve toughed it out for awhile!

The Feeling of true flexibility

Having the time to do what you want when you want to will feel immaculate to you, especially since you were thinking about being your own boss in the first place. Website owners and product line designers may eventually have more time in the long run than coaches and sales people, but after you have the foundation lain for your business, you can always turn some obligations down if they aren’t feasible. Other people that are excited and optimistic about what you are doing will be more profitable and easy to deal with in the long run.

Having a life of greater extremes

In recent studies over 80 percent of respondents said that if the business in question was their very own, the passion they would display would be on a much higher level than if they were working for someone else. It’s not just the bottom line, the clout, or the freedom, you really feel as if you are branding yourself. If you have created something that you have already been passionate about all of your life, monitoring it, tinkering with it, and gaining more followers is always going to feel like blissful and passionate overload. You will truly own what you are doing, and if the long hours and endless prospecting ever get to you, it could still be better than doing all the work for someone else.

Letting the difficult fish stray from your hook

There are definitely reasons that letting difficult customers go is healthy for you. Some of them are so demanding that the time it would take to satisfy them will really drive you off your desired path as CEO. Because after all when you choose to start your own company, your dreams will best be fulfilled and you will be happiest when working with people whose ideals are close to your own. It can be very difficult and a long road to travel, but real organic business is done with those who are not only impressed by your ideas, but want to travel the wonderful and prosperous road with you. One of the best pleasures about being in business for yourself is finding others who want to see you succeed, not fail at your competitors heels. In the global business realm, if you are talented enough to take your own route in the first place, you will have your day to never deal with anyone that is aggressive or rude again.


marcjacobs daisydream Summer Fragrance collection 2014: Marc Jacobs Daisy DreamBlue skies are one of the best things about the summer, and this fragrance’s keynote beginning is inspired by them. Counting clouds and daydreaming about the greenest grass is going to be high on your list during this beautiful season, as well as sporting a scent that best captures your essence. Daisy Dream is speckled with gold hues and has great top notes of blackberry and grapefruit, with other layers of jasmine, white woods, musk and coconut water.