labtoptote irvington crossbody 13.3 laptop bag red front Clark & Mayfield Irvington Crossbody Laptop Tote
Cool looking enough for a late night visit to a rave or jaunt down Soho, this crossbody vintage leather tote is one of the coolest we’ve seen this year. You can lug along a laptop, E reader, or tablet, and it dangles pristinely as an instantly coveted accessory to fall in love with. We adore the red, but it’s also available in black and cobalt blue. Created finely with top grain vintage leather, this is one great thing to be seen with and will really complement your full fall wardrobe. It’s always exciting to present yourself in the savviest and most stylish way possible, and this tote will round off your look with the right amount of flair.

handbase Small Business App Productivity Alert: HanDbaseThis is one app that is truly a “go to for all types of business tasks” app with tons of functionality and practical use rolled into it. It has been used by many for patient tracking and development, project management, time and billing, and field surveys for those laying down the perfect structure and development. This is basically THE database app to have, with many variations and excellent features in its arsenal. We’ve heard that simply running reports on this baby is a process that can take you to the next level in productivity standalone.

BMW luggage Carryon Luggage Pinnacle Piece: BMW Champagne HardsideJust as sleek as the motorcycles and cars are themselves, this carryon piece is begging to be pulled by you in any international airport or European locale. Constructed on a super cool 8 wheel spinner system, it is begging to be shown the narrow streets of Tangiers, tall buildings of Dubai, or initial taxi into the Windy City. Just like a cosmo or straight up dirty martini, it embraces the style points and alluring appearance to the maximum. A very streamlined and perfected product, BMWs themselves are nothing to scoff at, virtual modern marvels of design. Why not carry along something a little more than the average special this fall season?

MFJ logo Must See Music Websites: Music Festival Junkies
With killer poster samples, lineup updates, and popular festival lists, this website with worldwide coverage really delivers the goods. Quirky videos showing the history of the festival in animated form, super cool mini tours, and coverage of future 2015 events are all here. Events like Jam Cruise, BPM, Aura, and TBD Fest are covered in depth as well as the 2014 Music Midtown in Atlanta. This is an incredible year for music, as Jane’s Addiction themselves even played the Sunset Strip Music Fest in LA. Get to this website ASAP to find out which festival you want to go to next, and enjoy the layout and design.

Headplay personalcinema 300x185 Globe Trotter’s toys: the Headplay personal Cinema
One of the coolest things on a long distance flight is when you are able to bust out an iPad and watch a movie to kill the time. But have you ever thought about how cool it would be to have a virtual glass viewing system? The Headplay is akin to watching your favorite flick on a virtual 52-inch screen, and is said to have a very clear, yet not dizzying viewing experience. With a battery life of around 6 hours, it’s optimal for a long flight and also would be handy for viewing films that you would not want the young child next to you catching a glimpse of. There are ports for VGA and USB, and most reviewers say that it is more comfortable than you would think.

Omm Spain’s Vibrant Wine scene: Best Wine bars in Barcelona

Spoken about as one of the hippest and most stunning places in Europe, Barcelona is city of surprises, Sun, and simply beautiful memories. This collection of the best wine bars in the city gives a peek into The Banker’s Bar, Monvinic, La Vinva Del Senor, El Xampanyet, and more great spots to sample wine in Barcelona. There’s nothing quite like a stroll after a few fine wines in a city that sparkles with a different vibe than Paris, yet a romantic essence like Venice. This quick collection of wine bars lets you see a few great interior shots of a city that many have fallen in love with upon first sight. There are wines here like Agusti Torello, Mas La Plana, and Absis to complement just about any divine evening you could plan. The sixth most populated city in the EU is one unbelievable destination, and complementing it with a stop in some of these bars would absolutely rule.

LumenProjector 300x300 Marketer’s Slice of Hand held Heaven: the Lumen Pocket Projector
This is one gadget
that takes up so little space in carry on you won’t even know it’s there; but when you pull it out in the conference room to project your pitch, you sure will. It connects to smartphones, tablets, video players and cameras, and has input options for 1080p and 1080i, making it a high def powerhouse. You have the ability to project very digitally sharp images on up to 80” diagonal screens, and really wow the audience. Years ago when the device itself to project was so much larger, it started many potentially great product demos on the wrong foot, and this professional gadget will wow any client or provide great entertainment for you while on the road.

refleecesleeve 300x191 Hot Eco Gadgets 2014: Refleece iPad sleeve

This eco friendly fleece can turn the backpack or purse into a warm and cozy nook for an Ipad, and is the best thing we have seen to protect from scratches and dents to the surface. This company was started by a husband and wife team that is committed to sustainable practice and construction, with prowess in the surf realm as well. Heavily educated between the two from Stanford, Harvard, and Yale, they have both explored the nonprofit realm and also have experience in sustainable gardening. This is one brand that is truly created by a duo of genius minds, and deserves a close look by any discerning individual with a portable device

Launched in 2005, this web hub full of the best in made from scratch goods is derived from the Latin word “and if”, or also Italian for “oh yes”. Almost two years later, the site passed $1.7 million in sales and during the month of November, buyers purchased over 300,000 items on the site and spent around $4.3 million in the process. In January 2008, they received some additional funding and really put the user friendly and lovable craft site in full motion. Users really like the fact that there is a “shop local” tool, refining what they are looking for to help a creative mind right in their area. The “people search” function also improved the way that users connect one on one, and many people launched side businesses that they always wanted to launch, with the help of this sleek portal connecting those who create and people seeking quality goods. Here are some of the coolest things that really caught our eye this week on Etsy.

1. Grass Green Knit hat

SandyCoastal Etsy Top 5 Etsy Finds for the Week Made from lamb wool and acrylic yarn, this piece from Sandy Coastal Designs is one of the coolest we’ve seen in awhile. With a nice flower on the side and completely custom made, it really pulls off the Christmas in July theme or is simply perfect for a coffee shop visit or walk through your favorite bustling hub. Fully Indie, slightly post-grunge, and absolutely a wonderful fruit of labor, we definitely have our eye on this seller from now on for killer headgear and much more.

2. Green Bamboo Raglan Top T Shirt

SceneryLondon 225x300 Top 5 Etsy Finds for the Week A great organic print that is almost reminiscent of Southeast Asia and an eco friendly choice, this shirt (Scenery London) is screen printed by hand in a London studio. Made of 70% bamboo viscose and 30% organic cotton, the calming green vibe will envelope you quickly. This supplier Continental Clothing ships from the UK and has great user reviews. The seller always seems to have prompt delivery, and while waiting for the goods this cool, that’s what you’ll want! A simple design that would be fun to blend in to any setting with.

3. Blue Everyday Cowl Neckline Dress

il 570xN.545767821 2jox Top 5 Etsy Finds for the Week When looking through dresses, there were so many great finds it was harder than ever to pick one to spotlight. After looking through tons of beautiful samples, we found this one that would be great to rock with the boots shown. Excellent for a first week impression at the office or a day of art/design hustle in the city, it really has its own flavor through and through. Just a little retro/Pan Am looking, reviewers say that the fabric, feel, and look is awesome and the craftsmanship is incredible.

4. Crystal Geometric Necklace and Earrings

il 570xN.568216346 2b32 Top 5 Etsy Finds for the Week The jewelry category of Etsy is full of great pieces that you could browse for countless hours! Every seller really has their own style and quirky knack for creating something fresh and stunning. This set form Bellesto Jewelry really caught our eye because of the super cool variation in size, color and placement of the squares. You can find anything on Etsy from wedding jewelry to chic fashion and personal pieces, and this set made from Rhinestone and Zinc Alloy is unique and ready to add to your collection of fun and trendy accessory options.

5. Carved Candle Gift

il 570xN.376700864 l9jb Top 5 Etsy Finds for the Week Some of the best things in the candle area were Mason jar candles, amazingly sculpted wax pieces, and super artisan looking tea light holders. This one really stood out with its color scheme, very different shape, and almost psychedelic appearance. 80 hours of burning time, excellent visual artist appeal, and a nod to the Baroque time period all give this one a special vibe and look. With so many choices in all of Etsy’s pages, this candle stood out in many wasy as a step above many of these intricate and beautiful crafts.

Alpha2 duffel Exquisite Carry on Luggage Experience: the Alpha 2 by Tumi This large wheeled split duffel is absolutely a product of this high end brand’s commitment to making the best better. This brand features complimentary monogramming, an immaculately sleek appearance, and superior craftsmanship. The damage proof handle system, stellar custom design and accessible shape appeal to any traveler. Whether it’s the beach, slopes, or business jaunt to the next city over, the Alpha 2 is one fine choice for the taking. It’s always nice to know you’ll arrive with your goods intact and looking top notch to boot.